turn me on, switch me off.

Sensually rounded Madagascan Rosequartz and Italian Pink Marble combined with distinct parts of mechanical switches depict an  illustration of love and attraction. "Turn me on, switch me off." is a series of one of a kind brooches and pins all handmade in Germany.

         “Helen Habtay [...] presented a group of fleshy pink brooches made of rose quartz and pink marble. [...] Switches were set into the stones and the title was Turn Me On, Switch Me Off. The sensual rounded stones with the distinct mechanical switches are, in my eyes, a genius illustration of love and attraction. Humour, a great sense for color and shape, mixed with great craftswomanship—those are the perfect ingredients for a new rising star!”


Karin Roy Andersson,jewelry artist, manager of Four Gallery and part of team Diagonal (Sweden).


'Turn Me On, Switch Me Off', was part of the AJF 10 Best Newcomers at Munich Jewellery Week 2016.