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The purpose of jewellery is only fulfilled when worn by its owner. A Part of it is the natural tarnishing process of the metals and scratches that may appear over time from wearing. It makes each piece even more so special and marks the history of the wearer and her/his pieces over time. We encourage you to value these special features.


We believe in a long-lasting relationship between you and your acquired item. Therefore we've put together a few Care instructions for you to enjoy your new favourite piece as long as possible. When wearing jewellery there are a few general Do`s and Dont`s such as:

°When you handle jewellery try to keep it solvent and acid free. There are many products which contain solvents and /or are acidic, i.e. make-up, perfume, lotions, hairsprays, hair-dyes, demake-ups, cleaning products etc. Best practice here is to put on jewellery once you are done with your daily routine and vice versa, i.e. when you get ready for bedtime.

°Jewellery does not like to get wet nor likes it to get in contact with chlorine. So best is to remove jewellery before taking a bath, showering, going for a swim, in spas, doing sports, in bed or during any other practical activities.



°Polish silver or gold with a jewellery polishing cloth for smooth and shiny surfaces. Do not store your jewellery inside leather, as it will tarnish metals. In order to remove make up and skinoils from your jewellery, gently wipe it clean with a soft cloth after wearing.

°Fine metal wires are wound up together to form delicate chains. Therefore please do not pull on chains as they may tear.

°Store your jewellery best in the original box but any other air-tight container will do. You can wrap up the jewellery loosely with a soft cloth or tissue. It will prolong the natural tarnishing process.




Each gemstone is unique and full of wonders. To form them it takes alot of heat, pressure and time to make them last eternaly. We cherish every gemstone and we've placed great importance on making the most use of it. Furthermore, we work with local companies and source our materials mostly from industrial side products.

With its diverse properties every gem comes in various colours, shines and clarities. Nevertheless, gemstones need special care and attention to make them last as long as possible.

°Handle gemstones as little as possible. Skin oil and the pH-value of your skin may affect shine and appearance of the gemstone. Especially pearls are very sensitive to our skin. After wearing pearls wipe them off with a damp, soft cloth.

°Please do not drop or knock a gemstone on or against hard surfaces, as it may chip, crack or even break.

°Heat affects gemstones. Discolouration and even cracks may occur. So your jewellery should not be exposed to sources of heat.

Precious Metals

Precious metals are crucial for making jewellery. Its hard-wearing and shiny qualities makes it a versatile material for everyday occasions. However, good and continuous care will make it last a lifetime.


°You can clean precious metals such as gold and silver with warm soapy water or alcohol and a soft brush. Make sure the brush is very soft otherwise it can cause scratches. Use a soft cloth to dry and buff your jewellery once it’s cleaned. Be careful to dry up silver items immediately as water leaves stains on silver.

°Gold-plating will wear off over a time. Never use  chemicals, rough fabrics or brushes on your gold-plated jewellery as it may cause excessive wear or scratches. It is best to avoid wearing other jewellery at the same time as it may cause abrasion on the gold-plating.

°In order to remove natural tarnish, we recommend regularly polishing your item with a polishing cloth. Be careful not to touch gemstones and other materials than the metals.



Vegetable tanned leather is a durable and flexible material. We solely use vegetable tanned leather types, which are recycled and sourced side products from the industry. We work with our local leather dealer to cut long transportation and costs. As leather is a living material it patinates and adapts to its wearer with time and wear. Due its unique character leather comes in many forms, from supple and tender to hard-wearing and resistant.

°Please do not wet leather, as it stains the leather permanently.

°Avoid direct sunlight, as leather becomes darker exposed to sunlight just as we do.


°Keep leather supple and conditioned with a specialist leather balm. Apply a small amount with a cloth and buff gently.


°Softer leathers can scratch in contact with sharp objects.

°If possible please store leather items flat in the original packaging. Avoid folding as it may crease permanently.

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